Ugh. Ugg? Ugh.

So, I come back to take a look at this place after months of inactivity and there’s over 300 spam comments.  The majority of them were ads for Ugg boots.  Clearly, this is the site to target for technology-impaired Ugg enthusiasts.

Defeating Your Inner Cynic

Like an ogre, I have layers.  I’ve been told that I’m an eternal optimist and a hopeless cynic – sometimes in the same conversation.  That leads me to often not have any clue as to which one I actually am.  A few examples:

  • I hate it when people lead off communication with the word “Team” – as if writing it down makes it happen.  On the other hand, I love being part of a team and try to encourage cooperation and teamwork on a regular basis.
  • Putting motivational text over an image strikes me as trite, but it sometimes makes me feel inspired.
  • I tend to believe that things will work out for the best when it involves other people, but often expect the worst for myself.

I know what you’re saying, and yes – I realize that I’m just like any other human being out there.  The problem is that I’m trying to get myself motivated to improve my health and lifestyle and I keep bouncing from thinking I’m on the verge of turning the corner to deciding I’ve just crashed the car and wondering why I should bother.

The conflict isn’t fun.  Having managed to accomplish this before makes it even harder, as there’s this constant search for whatever the catalyst was the last time.  Not finding that spark is a demotivator in and of itself.  Even financial motivation isn’t working, as I currently have a gym membership that has gone unused for so long there’s likely a ‘missing’ poster hanging up there with my picture on it.

It’s coming up on an entire year that I’ve been out west.  That thought alone is scary enough.  Realizing the backslides I’ve made in my personal life just adds to that.

My goal, which was to start after my 39th birthday, was to lose 40 pounds by the age of 40.  I haven’t quite hit the ground running on that, but there’s still time.  There’s a large stack of clothes that used to fit me not one year ago just sitting around.  I’d like to wear them again.  I’d like to feel comfortable in my own skin again.

I just need to balance that with the fact that I’d like to head to Del Taco for a hamburger.

Carrier Pigeons Need Not Apply

One can certainly state that the government moves at a slow place and embraces change at an even more glacial speed.  I stumbled across an example of this just the other day when reading an article about the regulations surrounding filing a NOTAM (NOtice To AirMen.)

(for the uninitiated, that’s the thing what you file when a tower light is out so planes don’t crash in to it)

notam-2Yes – by the code you can still send notice to the FAA by telegraph if so desired.  I wonder how that would be received.  I also wonder what the specifics are…is a telegram acceptable?  What about sending it via morse code?  Heck, if you’re feeling generous – send a kiss-o-gram.  They’ll love it.

Here I Come To Save The Day

I wasn’t going to post this story, but then I ate some chocolate and spread my arms out.

There are two kinds of power poses: high and low. A high-power pose usually means having your body open rather than hunched up. That means chest out, arms spread, no slouch. Most simply, it means that you try to take up a great deal of space.

One way I’ve heard it described is as adopting a “superhero” pose.  Perhaps I’ll give that a go during the shift meetings at work – complete with Power Girl outfit.

(or, perhaps not…)

All kidding aside, I do firmly believe that posture can increase your confidence.  A slouch doesn’t just project to the world that you’re just ready for whatever is going on to end now now now now now, it makes you feel it as well.  I’m not so sure about the whole eating chocolate and looking at green things…


There’s a risk in writing anything online in that you’ll be totally and utterly proven wrong.  The internet never forgets, which can work in your favor depending on which side of history your opinions land on.

This guy landed on the wrong side.

Even if Marvel had given the Guardians cameos in its other films or released a short TV series, it might have helped. The studio didn’t and it’s left with a movie puffed up by Internet buzz that won’t translate to box office success. After “Guardians” under-performs, if the galaxy is to be rescued, we’ll probably need Iron Man or Thor to step in and save the day.

Oops. The box office and audience reaction seems to indicate otherwise. Still, we all make mistakes sometimes with our initial impressions of something. It’s only fair that I share my list of faulty predictions.

  • Rap music would never last past the early 90’s.
  • The Nintendo DS was a horrible idea.
  • Rat tails were a cool hairstyle and there is no way using massive amounts of Sun-In will backfire.
  • Denim jackets will never go out of style.
  • Alias looks like a good show with coherent storytelling.
  • Google+ will take off any day now, along with Also, Instagram is dumb. 

That’s just a sampling of my lack of foresight. The only other thing I can think to add to that list is “Sure, I’ll update this website regularly!”